Pondering technology, and returning to the run commute.

I had a graphic reminder of how over reliant I am on technology today, as I sat in the bus on the way to work and realised I’d forgotten my phone! I’d already been pondering how rapidly technology moves on, having caused my poor son massive confusion by referring to a “Walkman” instead of an iPod. I still think of Walkmen as quite new, but of course my son had no idea what it meant.

Son “Wait. A what?”

Me “I meant my iPod. A Walkman is what I had when I was your age. Like an iPod but it played cassettes.”

Son “You mean like Starlord has in Guardians of the Galaxy?”

Me “Exactly what Starlord has.”

Starlord and his Walkman. (C) Guardians of the Galaxy.

Strange that he knows about a now obsolete piece of tech from a sci-fi movie.

Anyway, there I was on the bus without my phone. How was I to spend my journey? I couldn’t read the headlines or check my emails, catch up on Facebook or see who was already out running on Strava, I couldn’t even play a game.

Also today was my much anticipated first run commute since November, snowed off last week, and without my phone I couldn’t record it using GPS. The horror!

Talk about first world problems. It’s not as if I was going to have to rely on pen and paper or anything that archaic, I still had my Fitbit. But it would be estimating the distance by the number of steps I took, not accurately measuring it with the help of satellites.

I’m not yet so obsessed with running that this was my first thought. I did initially worry in case either of the kids had an accident or emergency at school in the time it took me to get to work and notify people that I was without phone. Then I worried what would happen if I was in an accident and couldn’t let people know. As a child I knew, by heart, a great many phone numbers. Now I know my mums, my work and my own. I have no need to remember any others, the phone does it for me.

Then I worried I was worrying too much, which was when I switched to thinking about the run home.

When I do my run commute I only run home from work, not to work. The main reason for this is that my workplace doesn’t have showers, and I wouldn’t want my poor colleagues sat in a warm office with me all day after I’d done a run. I suppose I could set off really early, run to the gym, shower and change there, then get to bus to work. But I’ve never been a morning person and the idea of waking even earlier horrifies me!

Image from Pinterest.

What with the worrying and the pondering I’d finished my bus journey before I knew it. So also a reminder that I can cope without my phone!

The run home went well. I took it slow and steady, and when I felt I had to walk for a bit I slowly counted to 30 and then started running again. That only happened three times, although there were other pauses at traffic lights. I’m hoping imposing a time limit on the walking breaks will help quell the urge to just keep walking a bit more before I speed up, then a little further, then maybe I’ll start running again at that lamppost… and hopefully also I’ll soon be back to not needing walking breaks.

But how can I trust that distance?

So, a perfectly acceptable run, despite being untracked. It’s almost as if running is possible without all the fancy gizmos and gubbins we surround ourselves with now 😉

That said I did log in and manually add it to Strava almost as soon as I got in. I admit it, I’m totally over reliant on technology!