Scuppered by ice, and getting over it.

I’ve had a bit of a ‘bleh’ few days.

It’s been that very British kind of snowy that is gorgeous for about 5 minutes, then turns to slush which freezes into ice that stays for days. It’s impossible to walk on, let alone run.

On Thursday I fell on the ice, which left me with dinted confidence and a sore back. I had planned to restart my run commutes that day, and was frustrated that the weather prevented me.

On Friday I discovered that despite being really good and resisting the siren call of the chocolate sales all week I’d still put on a pound. And I didn’t dare exercise because it was still icy.

On Saturday parkrun was cancelled, ice again, but the celebration to mark 8 years since the first parkrun in Newcastle still went ahead. The fact I went along is a sign of how much my anxiety has improved over the past few months. I was very glad I did.

Sunday I spent the morning moping. Then I decided to get my arse into gear and asked other members of the parkrun for people affected by obesity Facebook group how they keep motivated in the bad weather. There were loads of fantastic suggestions, many of which I’ll be making use of, but an oft repeated one was having a goal.

I have my goal of Great North Run in September, but decided I needed something more imminent to force me into action. I’m booked on a night run in a couple of weeks, but that’s 6k which I already know I’m capable of, so isn’t really making me push myself. So I looked into races coming up locally, and sounded out local runners.

And I’ve booked myself a place in a 10k happening mid-Feb! It will be my first official run of that distance. It’s the same location as my local parkrun, so the terrain shouldn’t throw up any surprises, but the distance will push me.

Tonight I realised I was enjoying running group. Running has been a challenge, something I forced myself to do, I enjoy the social aspect and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards but the actual running has always been something to endure. Tonight I enjoyed it. I’m taking that as a sign of progress.