My Newcastle Can Challenge

Newcastle Can is a year long project aiming to get the city working together to get healthier and lose weight. As their website explains:

We all might have a pretty good idea of what we need to do to lose weight and get fit, but doing it alone can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. So let’s come together as a city to change the way we live, work and play, and help make Newcastle the healthiest, happiest city it can be.

I signed up at the end of January 2017, challenging myself to get more active and lose some weight. I’ve been blogging throughout. Pondermonium is a blog about many things, whatever comes to mind when I write, so as Newcastle Can is a specific challenge so I decided to group those blog posts together. 

This page lists all my Newcastle Can posts from the beginning, and I’ll be adding new links as I add more posts, so that you can read them chronologically if you’d like.

  • Have a Banana 1 Feb 2017. Why I signed up to Newcastle Can, and my struggle with healthy snacks.
  • Tanking the Takeaway 23 Feb 2017.  Overcoming the urge to get someone else to do the cooking after a stressful day.
  • When the Scales don’t Move 2 Mar 2017. 
  • Facing uncomfortable facts, and my first Newcastle Can U-turn! 

  • When is a Woman not a Woman 4 Mar 2017: Musing on the This Girl Can campaign to get women exercising.
  • This Woman Did! 10 Mar 2017: A review of my first organised exercise event, an International Women’s Day 5k. 
  • 6 Weeks In 11 Mar 2017: Reviewing my first six weeks of consciously healthier living.
  • These Boots Were Made For Walking 15 Mar 2017:  How I built up my weekly step total, and some advice for getting started if you’ve lapsed into inactivity.
  • Organised Exercise 26 Mar 2017: A review of a guided hike through Gibside.
  • Let Me Eat Cake! 26 Mar 2017: Demonstrating that a little of what you fancy does you good, while completely avoiding things causes stress.
  • In Praise of Giving it a Go 4 April 2017: Find out how being part of Newcastle Can has made me braver in the kitchen.
  • Wednesday Walk 4 April 2017:  A walk around Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside, trying to up the impact of my walking. 
  • It’s Official 7 April 2017:  Revealing my weight loss so far, and what has worked for me. 
  • Getting More than 5 a day – Sausage One Pot 10 April 2017:  How I’ve been adapting my favourite recipes to make them healthier.
  • Walking, With and Without Dogs 12 Apr 2017: How my dogs have helped me get healthier, and what to consider if you’re thinking of getting a dog yourself. 
  • Busily Doing Nothing 14 Apr 2017: Acknowledging that I can’t push myself all the time.
  • The Newcastle Can Can-Can and Other Moves 15 Apr 2017: Facing the fear to take part in a Dancercise class and try out a gym. Massive steps for me, and a must read if you’re worried about trying something new yourself. 
  • 15,000 Steps and a Slice of Cake Before Lunchtime 22 Apr 2017: Committing myself to a regular exercise class, and rewarding myself with cake! 
  • That’s What Apples Look Like! 27 Apr 2017:  Thinking about processed food, cooking from scratch and balancing buying organic with my limited budget.
  • Trying New Veggies: Chard 1 May 2017: How the Newcastle Can challenge has encouraged me to try new foods and cook new things.
  • The Pasta Controversy 11 May 2017: The challenges of trying to sneak healthier foods into the resident teenagers meals! 
  • Dancing, Memories, Exploration, Cooking – a good weekend 14 May 2017: A varied post including how I’m keeping active and how I try to go for the healthy option when eating out, among other topics! 
  • In Praise of Occasional Randomness 17 May 2017:  Learning to cook with whatever I have available, rather than rigidly follow a recipe. 
  • Admitting I’m Wrong 19 May 2017: Some of the things I swore I wouldn’t, couldn’t or didn’t need to do to get healthy which Newcastle Can has persuaded me to do! 
  • Trying New Veggies: Pak Choi 30 May 2017: Continuing my quest to cook with what’s available, seasonal and healthy. 
  • Dancing without Drinking 4 Jun 2017: Mostly a mental health post, including how improving my physical health is impacting on my mental health. 
  • Fat & Fit? 14 Jun 2017:  
  • Discovering weight loss isn’t the only way to measure progress.
  • Eating Healthier: Chips 22 Jun 2017 How I made the switch from oven chips to making my own from scratch.