One of the challenges of changing to a healthier lifestyle and diet, in my house at least, is getting it past the resident teenagers.

My daughter has me cornered in the kitchen.

“I’ve noticed we seem to have brown pasta” she states, ominously.

“It’s not brown pasta, it’s wholemeal pastaI explain. “It’s much better for us.”

“You’ve gone too far this time! I don’t mind all the fruit, I quite like spinach in everything, but you can’t mess with my pasta.”

“I changed this weeks ago. We’re onto the third bag of wholemeal pasta. It can’t bother you that much if you’ve only just noticed.”

“I’d hoped that it was just a phase you were going through” she retorts.

In her defence she was only half serious, half using my own lines against me for comic effect and has since admitted she’ll probably get used to the wholemeal pasta. 

I’m probably quite lucky having a family who’ll give anything a try at least once, and often without me even having to pull the “I’ve cooked it so you’ll eat it” routine. But no one likes dramatic change, we’re creatures of habit, which is why I’ve been changing things gradually. Small, sustainable changes I can gradually build on, hopefully leading to a more healthy lifestyle for us all. First less unhealthy snacks, then more fruit and veg, next up the amount of exercise, followed by reduction in dairy, now changing to wholemeal bread and pasta. I’m not sure what the next change will be, or how seriously my family will complain about it, but I know these small changes are making a difference.

Controversial pasta.


I’ve signed up to the Newcastle Can challenge, working together to make the city a fitter, healthier place to live. Find out more by visiting


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