Starting Over. 

It’s been so long since we took the time

No one’s to blame I know time flies so quickly

(John Lennon)

Once upon a time there was a woman who wrote a blog about many things, but mostly raising awareness about undiagnosed genetic conditions, because her son had one, and she’d felt completely alone for years, until she met a community of other parents online. She liked writing the blog. It helped her cope when things were complicated, and helped her celebrate when things went well. 

She was lucky enough that her son was not medically complex, which is not to say there were no issues, and he grew into a fine boy and fine young man. 

And he asked her not to write about him on the Internet. And she respected his privacy. She set all her old blog posts to private, and left the blog gathering dust. 

But she missed it. Lots of things happened, including a return to depression and anxiety that she hadn’t experienced so badly since the children were babies. Somewhere in amongst that she realised how much she missed writing things down and sharing stories. She also found comfort and support from a lot of other blogs, and she wondered if someone, somewhere might be interested in what she had to say. 

The beginning…

Of course she is me and here I am again. I don’t know where this is going. My head is full of ideas but no clear plan. I don’t know if anyone stills follows this blog – it’s been mothballed so long! If you do – HELLO! Thank you. 

So what is this now? Well, this is no longer a blog about living with an undiagnosed child, he has his own voice and that is his story to tell if he wants to. I’m not sure what this blog will be about. A bit of this, a bit of that. The things that help me keep the black dog at bay; my desperate attempts to declutter my space, my mind and my soul; things I find interesting or puzzling; who knows? 

For the moment I’m writing this for myself, to keep my mind focused and remind myself of the positives. If there are people out there who find it interesting, or even helpful, wonderful, but I’m not worrying about stats and shares. 

Oh, and it will be anonymous. When I first started I identified myself and my children, and that was one of the reasons my son wanted me to stop. So this time no names.

Let’s start over, and see where we go…


One thought on “Starting Over. 

  1. Welcome back darling missed the post but the boy has spoken and we after respect that. I am sure what ever you write darling will be great, if here is a place to just get down on paper what your feeling and someone reads it and relates then it’s done it’s job xxxxx

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